Cloud HPPC Hack @SC19 - Thats a Wrap

The Cloud HPC Hackathon for SC19 is a Wrap! We would like the thank all those that helped, participated and of course our sponsors! We had several great projects from some top notch teams. The projects included:

  • Array of Things - Data visualization of a networked urban sensor project - Sensors spread across Chicago Measuring: temperature, humidity, quantity of particulate matter, traffic, etc…
  • A parallel malware analysis gateway that provided disassembled data from submitted executable malware samples.
  • A Twilio chat bot that allows user to submit and manage HPC jobs and check status via text messages.
  • A User interface to execute, manage and monitor jobs on cloudycluster via both Jupyter Lab and html/js UI.
  • A python module that allows scientists to fetch and visualize pre-existing data housed in CHORDS using Jupyter Notebook.

It was a fun enjoyable time for all!

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