SC18 Begins and the HACK is nigh

The Hack begins today, we are excited for all the participants. Everything is lined up and ready to go. The AC Hotel is going to be really good, the rooms they arranged for us are all up on the mezzanine level, just up the stairs from the lobby, the lobby is also open to sit with your teams at. Also don’t forget the Hacktorials startting at 10 today and also the Hackpy Hours Tuesday and Wednesday (5-8). Check the schedule link at the top of the page for all the details.

There is still time to show up and build a team; even if you can’t build your own team, come during the opening hours at 8:30am on Tuesday and join others to create new teams.

We are also excitied about all the hack collaborators that are helping make this all possible: SGCI, Globus, IRODS, Intel, Google Cloud, AWS and, the Cloudy.Team.

We are looking forward to an exciting Hack! Cheers.

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