hpc cloud hack

The hpc cloud hack is new for SC18. We are excited to bring a new dimension of interaction to the conference. HPC is continuing to grow in usage and scope. One of the areas that will add new capabilities and users is the cloud. To help explore and foster this aspect, the hpc cloud hack will provide a fun event that will include a Hack-HQ, complete with hacktorials, hacksnacks, office-hack-hours and a place to work, collaborate and hang out. We are working with Cloud vendors to add to the expierence, including hack credits and hack-prizes.

So create your teams, they can include anyone of any age that will be at SC18. We do encourage, if possible to have a student or two on your team, but its not required. We also promote all forms of diversity as part of the teams. We are asking teams to come up with their own concepts that leverage HPC and the cloud for their hacks. Some ideas of things that may be interesting are:

  • Cross Cloud Workloads
  • Efficient Data Workflows
  • Gateways in the Cloud
  • Visualization Cloud Workflows
  • Vertical HPC Applications in the Cloud
  • Parallel AI and ML codes in the Cloud
  • Use your imagination…

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