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HackHPC@ADMI Virtual 2022

Presented by HackHPC

March 31st - April 4th


Register for HackHPC@ADMI 2022 Virtual Hackathon HERE:


Hackathon Schedule and Virtual Trainings:

HackHPC@ADMI 2022 Schedule on Github
Virtual Trainings:
Self Paced Training:
March 17th@12:00PM ET - Mentor Training with Charlie Dey
Slides - Video
March 24th@12:00PM ET - Github and Discord Training with Jeaime Powell
March 25th@10:30AM ET - Keynote (TACC HPC Training Model) with Charlie Dey
March 25th@1:45PM ET - Hackaton Beginning to End with Jasselyn Salgado
March 26th@10:30AM ET - Data to Dashboard with Jeaime Powell
March 26th@12:15PM ET - Google Cloud and CloudyCluster Training with Boyd Wilson
March 31st@7:00PM ET - Hackathon Kickoff and Draft Party with John Holly and Jeaime Powell
April 1st - Data Carpentry Training
April 4th@6:00PM ET - Final Presentations
April 4th - Final Presentations
Each virtual training session takes about an hour

Do I need to know how to code to participate?
No! All projects need a variety of skills, coding is just one of the many.
Do I have to stay up the entire hackathon?
No! You and your team decide on goals and mini-goals. Outside of some defined checkpoints, your time is your own.
Is it a contest?
Sometimes, but if it is we clearly define the judging criteria. We do often enjoy a little healthy competition from small tasks to the overall judging of the final product with sponsor-provided prizes.
Will this interfere with me attending the conference or participating in a student program?
Though we can not speak for your schedule or associate responsibilities, we do work closely with conference organizers to not conflict with other events. Commonly this is why the hackathons take place during night hours or in the case of HPC in the City, the week prior to the conference.
How long does each training last?
Each training lasts about an hour