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MENTOR: an experienced and trusted advisor
Mentors lead students in the design and development of a response to a question over the course of the event. This includes a set of deliverables (GitHub repository, with any associated code and a PDF of a team presentation) and a final presentation given to the group. The hackathon will schedule daily check-in’s during which brief updates will need to be given. Prior to the event, Mentors should allow approximately two hours of prep and overview time to generate a question/project which the participants could select to address as well as time for two brief conference calls with other mentors, supporting staff, participants and the organizing committee.During the event it is suggested that a minimum of four hours daily be allotted to assisting the group. Communication is vital to the success of any team and hackathons (especially in a virtual format) need dedicated time to ensure team success.


HPC in the City Mentor/Support Training 09/28/2020
PEARC 2020 Mentor Meeting 07/21/2020